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Living Hope

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Tamil – Indian Dialect


Original English

Tamil to English literal translation

Original Tamil Script

Phonetics of the Tamil using English alphabet



In desperation I turned to heaven

(In my desperation I heaven saw)

எ" தவ%&ப%்) நா" ேமா.ச0ைத& பா20ேத"

En thavippil naan motchatthai paarthaen

And spoke Your Name into the night

(All night Your Name I said)

இரெவ)லா7 உ7 ேப2 ெசா"ேன"

Yiravellaam um paer sonnaen


Hallelujah praise the One who set me free

(Hallelujah me you saved praise)

அ)ேல;யா எ"ைன ம=.>ேர ?தி

Allelujah ennai meeteerae thudhi

Hallelujah death has lost its grip on me

(Hallelujah death has no grip)

அ)ேல;யா சாABகி)ைலேய ப%D

Allelujah saavuk killaiyae pidi

You have broken every chain

(chains you broke)

சEகிலிகF உைட0தH2

sungili udaitheer

There’s salvation in Your Name

(By your name you saved)

உ7 ேபராேல இர.சி0தH2

Um paeraal ratchitheer

Jesus Christ my living hope.

(Jesus my living hope)

இேயIேவ எ" ஜவH ந7ப%Bைக

Yesuvae en jeeva nambikkai

Krio – Sierra Leone Dialect


Original English

Then through the darkness, your loving kindes Tore Through the Shadow of my soul

The work is finished, the end is written

Jesus Christ, my living hope

Literal Translation from Krio to English

Then when the night came, when I was in darkness Your loving kindness still reaches my soul

The work that You did, You finished it

Jesus Christ my only Hope!


Dɛn We di Nɛt kam, We a de na daknɛs Yu lɛknɛs stil kin rich mi sol

Di wok we yu du, Na yu dɔn am

Jizɔs Krays Na mi wangren op

Spanish – Mexican (this matches what is available online from Bethel Music)


Quien imagina piedad tan grande -

Who imagines such great pity

Tan plena gracia al corazón -

so full grace to the heart

El Dios eterno dejó Su gloria -

the eternal God left His glory

De mi pecado Él se vistió -

of my sin He clothed Himself


Aleluya, sea al que me libertó -

hallelujah be the one who set me free Aleluya,

de la muerte me arrancó -

hallelujah, from death he tore me

Las cadenas quebrantó -

the chains broke

Y en Su nombre hay salvación -

and in his name there is salvation

Mi esperanza está en Jesús -

my hope is in Jesus

Igbo – Nigeria

Then came the morning that sealed the promise

Wee rue n’ututu mbilite n’onwu

(On the morning of resurrection)

Your buried body began to breathe Ahu gi eriri n’ala wee nweta ndu (Your buried body received life)

Out of the silence, the roaring lion

Mgbe ebe niile dara juu, Odum ebo Judea (Out of the silence, the lion of Judea)


Declared the grave has no claim on me

Tie si ili enweghi ike na ahum

(Declared the grave has no power over me )

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